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Grape budding has begun! Do you have your Vinnet ready to prevent bird damage?

Although there was a slow start to vineyard budding in the Western Cape of South Africa this year, the development of the grape vines is now accelerating fast as we approach flowering. Are you ready to protect your ripening grapes from bird damage? As any vineyard manager knows, there is much to be done around mid-season planning for the grape vines. Committed management of resources at this time is vital to ensuring that the 2022 crop is protected. An essential

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It’s growing season! Get ahead of the birds with Vinnet bird protection net for your vineyards

Following a very wet winter, the 2021-2022 wine grape-growing season is upon us in South Africa. Although about two weeks later than normal, bud seems to be even and healthy. How are you preparing your vineyards for the wine grape-growing season ahead? As we all know, bird damage to grapes can have a major negative effect on your yield, and can affect an entire season’s planting if rot sets in. Planning your seasonal management programme should include inspection of

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