Bunch of grapes on the vine, protected by Vinnet bird net.

Following a very wet winter, the 2021-2022 wine grape-growing season is upon us in South Africa. Although about two weeks later than normal, bud seems to be even and healthy.

How are you preparing your vineyards for the wine grape-growing season ahead?

As we all know, bird damage to grapes can have a major negative effect on your yield, and can affect an entire season’s planting if rot sets in.

Planning your seasonal management programme should include inspection of your Vinnet bird protection net stock on hand. If stock is needed, please place your order to be one step ahead of the birds.

We can assist with calculating the number of rolls of Vinnet bird net you require to adequately protect your vineyard’s hectares. We will then introduce you to our stockists for a quotation. We are passionate about helping you ensure your vineyards are well protected from problem bird species so that you can harvest as many healthy grapes as possible.

How does Vinnet help to protect your grapes from bird damage?

Find out more about how our Vinnet bird protection net can help you save up to 90% of your grape harvest from bird damage, and increase your profit margins. This alternative bird netting is a cost-effective, easy-to-install, environmentally friendly solution for your vineyards.

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Order your Vinnet HERE, or give us a call to chat to our knowledgeable consultants about Vinnet. We’re happy to help wherever we can.

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